• Siliguri Campus

Freshers Orientation

Freshers orientation is an event that NBSXC organizes every to introduce new students to a NBSXC. The orientation is typically held before the start of the academic year, and its purpose is to help new students feel comfortable, welcome, and informed about the institution they will be attending.

During a typical freshers orientation, new students may participate in activities such as campus tours, information sessions on academic programs and services, social events, and workshops on topics such as time management, study skills, and academic expectations. These events can help new students meet fellow students, become familiar with the campus and its resources, and develop a sense of belonging and connection to the institution.

Freshers orientation can also help new students navigate the challenges of adjusting to a new environment, such as dealing with homesickness, managing academic demands, and learning to live independently. Overall, the goal of freshers orientation is to support new students in their transition to college or university life and set them up for success in their academic and personal goals.


Given the vast disparity of class schedules and activities of respective departments, it becomes imperative to organize an occasion which encourages inter-departmental interaction and instill healthy competition among the students. NBXC adheres to the need of a broad horizon for students and offers a wide platform to showcase their talents and participate in co-curricular activities.

Hence every year the college hosts the two day college cultural festival (X-travaganza) with great energy and enthusiasm.


NBXC follows an extensive sports calendar throughout the academic year and provides great opportunity to the vibrant students to showcase their sporting talents in different forms. At the end of the year, a two day Annual Sports Meet is organised as the X-uberance.


The college organises X-cellence Day (College Day) every year to appreciate and honour the meritorious students and their parents. The purpose is not just to award the students for their academic performance but also to motivate them to venture out in life in pursuit of greater excellence.


Every year the college organizes Farewell to bid adieu to the graduating batch. Each student is felicitated with a khada and a memento by the Principal of the college after the cultural program.

Seminars & Workshop

The various departments of NBSXC organizes seminars and workshops on various topics every year in national & international level. Both seminars and workshops can be valuable learning experiences, providing participants with new knowledge, insights, and skills. They can also be opportunities for networking and building connections with others who share similar interests or goals. Whether attending a seminar or workshop, participants can gain new perspectives and ideas that can help them grow personally and professionally.

Projects & Field Work

Project work in addition to subject knowledge, helps the students to explore their analytical skills and graphics capabilities. Every department in the college conducts departmental project executed by the students under the guidance of the faculty members of the respective departments. The themes of the projects are focused on relevant and contemporary aspects of North Bengal.