• Siliguri Campus

Code of Conduct

Students are the first stakeholders in education, but they need to adhere to the following:

1. Rules & Regulations for students

i) Official working hours of the college will be between 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM for those in Main Rajganj Campus and from 7.00 AM to 1.00 PM for Siliguri Campus on all days from Monday to Saturday, except on Govt., notified public holidays and some other management notified holidays.
ii) All students are expected to be in their respective classrooms at 8.55 AM (6.55 AM in Siliguri Campus). During this time, it is expected that complete silence shall be maintained within the College Campus.
iii) Students shall be present in their classrooms before the commencement of each period and shall not be permitted to leave the class during the class hours. However, on specific request from the Principal/Competent authorities, teachers may permit a student or students to leave the class as requested.
iv) Students should bring their College diary every day to college.
v) Every student shall bring his/her own textbooks, notebook, drawing instruments and such other accessories and articles required for regular classroom/laboratory work. College properties should be handled with maximum care and everything possible should be done to preserve the building, furniture and premises neat, tidy and fit. The college will be forced to impose a fine for willful damages to the buildings, fittings, furniture, equipment or library books.


i) To appear for the University Examinations a student requires a minimum of 75% attendance in each Semester (calculated on the basis of the total number of all classes given and the number of classes actually attended by a student).
ii)The College expects the students to maintain maximum attendance, not just the minimum 75% required by University rules.
iii) Those who absent themselves without prior permission from the Dept. Head, Vice-Principal (Administration) or Principal (for more than six days) are not allowed to attend classes till they meet the Principal, explain the reasons for absence, and obtain an absentee slip.
iv) At the end of every month up-to-date lists giving attendance of each student will be displayed on the College Notice Board, and those with low attendance will be called for counselling by the Vice-Principal (Administration). In critical cases, when attendance <30%, Parents/ Guardians will be asked to meet the HoD.
v) Previous sanction from the HOD ( upto 3 days), Vice-Principal (upto 6 days) and Principal (more than 6 days), through a proper leave letter, should be obtained for all absences from the class. For an absence of more than THREE days, the leave letter must be endorsed by the Parents/ Guardian. Leave on medical grounds should be supported by proper medical certificates. Unauthorized absence will be viewed seriously and are liable for disciplinary actions, including barring from writing any internal assessment and subsequent University Semester Exams.
vi) Leave should be recorded in the College diary.
vii) Abstaining from classes en-masse will be considered as a serious offence and will invite suitable actions.
viii) Absenting from participating in co-curricular/ extra-curricular activities students should take prior permission of the Department Head/ Vice-Principal and after having endorsed by the cell/club coordinator organizing that activity, attendance may be added.
xi) Absenting in order to represent the college in inter-college/university level events/sports tournaments must have written permission from the Principal with the invitation letter of the event duly attached with the leave letter.
x) Students who happen to have free hours shall not loiter in the verandahs during class hours or disturb other classes.


Students are expected to adhere to the dress code prescribed by the institution. The following are some rules specific to the dress code and uniform in the college:

i) Every Monday at Rajganj Campus, students all are expected to wear the College uniform.
ii) On college events and departmental seminars/functions students should come in college uniform. Access to such occasions is only for those who wear College uniforms.
iii) Female Students have a choice to come either in a shirt/full pants or Saree in college prescribed colour and design.
iv) On certain occasions like Xuberance (annual sports day), field trips, excursions, etc., students should wear their College T-shirts.
v) On other class days, it is recommended that students come to College in simple and unostentatious dress suitable for an academic environment.
vi) Students are expected to dress keeping in mind the rich Indian culture and the public expectations from students who belong to educational institutes of repute in India, particularly the Xaverian fraternity of Jesuit institutions.
vii) Any kind of captions or writings on Shirts/T -shirts/Tops, etc. are prohibited.
viii) Sleeveless dresses are prohibited: Only full-length trousers are allowed.
xi) Only ankle-length skirts are allowed.
x)For boys, earrings or ear/ chin/ nose/ lip/ eyebrow studs, headbands and wristbands are strictly prohibited.
xi) Wearing caps and sunglasses inside the College buildings is prohibited.
  • For BBA students (Siliguri Campus), the prescribed uniform is mandatory for daily class attendance except on Saturdays. The ID cards should be displayed whenever they are inside the College Campus.

i) Use of cell phones within the College buildings (Classrooms, libraries, laboratories, corridors, etc) during Class hours is not allowed.
ii) Within the College buildings cell phones must be kept in silent mode.
iii) Using cell phones within the campus to record voices, lectures, conversations, photos of others, etc and to play loud music shall be considered serious abuses and shall invite disciplinary action.
iv) Within the College Campus cell phones shall be used only for brief, urgent conversations/ communication with parents/guardians.


i. Students are directed to go through the law related to the Prevention of Ragging in educational institutions. Ragging in any form and in any place is totally prohibited.
ii. Any incident of ragging should be reported to the Principal/ Coordinator of the Ragging Committee.
iii. Organizing meetings or assembling students within the campus for purposes other than academic, co-curricular/extracurricular activities is strictly prohibited. Prior permission of the Principal shall be obtained for such gatherings.
iv) All forms of ragging shall be considered anti-social and criminal acts, inviting rustication and legal proceedings.
v) Students are asked to keep with them at all times their ID cards issued by the college and show the cards to staff members and college security guards as and when required.
vi) Students are strictly forbidden from bringing outsiders into the campus without the written permission of the Principal.
vii) Non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the Colleges, all forms of unruly behaviour, defiance and disrespect to teachers and non-teaching staff, defacing and destroying college property, behaviour and activities that go against the ethos/ spirit of the college and tarnish its image shall be referred to the college Discipline Committee for appropriate disciplinary action against the errant students.
viii) In case of failure to comply with these codes, appropriate actions will be initiated.

                                                    SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN THE CAMPUS

Fr (Dr) Lalit P. Tirkey SJ