• Siliguri Campus

ICT Classroom

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) classrooms are designed to encourage collaborative learning and problem-solving. They may have seating arrangements that facilitate group work and discussions, as well as interactive tools that allow students to work together on projects and presentations

Sports & Culture

Sports and culture are closely intertwined, with both having a significant impact on each other. NBSXC promots the cultural exchange and understanding. Sports can bring people from different backgrounds together and foster a sense of unity and acceptance. Similarly, culture can shape the way sports are played and provide a unique platform for countries to showcase their cultural heritage.


The laboratory is equipped with specialized tools, equipment, and instruments that are essential for conducting research and experimentation. This includes things like microscopes, test tubes, beakers, pipettes, centrifuges, spectrometers, and various other instruments and equipment, and computers.

College Bus

The college provides transport facility (Bus Service) from Bagdogra, Shivmandir, Matigara and Siliguri to the Rajganj campus. Another "parent supported" bus service is provided from Jalpaiguri Townto the Rajganj Campus. A fleet of well furnished college buses is available for both students and staffs.