• Siliguri Campus


The college offers advice and support to the students on various aspects, from choosing suitable course and accommodation to staying healthy and planning of workload. The college provides the counselling service in order to enable the student to deal with problems, both academic and nonacademic. The teaching faculty members are the mentors for the students, especially the freshers. Our counsellors enable and support the students in a way that they become potent enough to choose their own direction in life. The counselling sessions strictly remain a one-to-one conversation.

Remedial Programmes

We discourage our students from taking tuitions outside. Our teachers always encourage the students to approach them with their problems in case of studies. A special care is taken to meet the academic problem and need of each student. Similarly, those who are feeble in studies are encouraged to approach the Principal for arranging special Remedial/ Tutorial Classes in the college premise itself.

Help the needy

The college follows the principle that no yet hard-working, intelligent and promising young individual should be denied a place in our institution due to poverty. The students in need of financial aid make an application at the time of admission in the prescribed forms available in the college office and submit to the Principal. The eligible candidates are chosen by the Financial Aid Commit- tee. Such aid is premised on the sustained good academic performance of the recipient as well as good attendance and participation in various non-academic activities of the college, failing in which might lead to withdrawal of the aid.

Computer & English Language Programs

All our courses are taught and examined in English. Therefore, the students who want to improve their language skills can join our English Language Program. We have UGC affiliated Communicative English courses for both prospective and current students who wish to brush up their English skills during their studies. We also have modules for teaching basic computing skills to the students.

Language Lab

The college has a Language Lab, well-equipped with LAN and Spoken English software, which enables the students to learn better English as well as other foreign languages.