Rules & Regulations

Attendance :

  • To appear for the University Examinations a student requires a minimum of 75% attendance.
  • The College expects the students to maintain maximum attendance, not just the minimum 75% required by University rules.
  • Those who absent without prior permission from the HoD or Vice-Principal are not allowed to attend classes till they meet the Principal.
  • At the end of every month attendance list will be displayed on the College Notice Board and those with low attendance will be called for counselling by the Vice-Principal and /or counsellors.

Matter of Discipline & Procedure :

  • During class hours those students who are free must not gather in groups in the class rooms and corridors and indulge in loud conversations which shall cause disturbance and inconvenience to others.
  • All forms of ragging shall be considered anti-social and criminal acts,inviting rustication and legal proceedings.
  • Students are asked to keep with them at all times their ID card and show the card to staff members and college security guard as and when required.
  • Students are strictly forbidden from bringing outsiders into the campus without the written permission of the Principal.
  • Non-compliance with the rules and regulations of the college,all forms of unruly behaviour,defiance and disrespect to teachers and staff,defacing and destroying college property,behaviour and activities that go against the spirit of the college and tarnish its image shall be referred to the college discipline committee for appropriate disciplinary action against the errant students.

Dress Code & Uniform :

  • Any kind of captions or writings on Shirts/T-shirts/Tops etc. are strictly prohibited.
  • Sleeveless dresses are strictly prohibited.
  • Only full-length trousers are allowed.
  • Only ankle-length skirts are allowed.
  • For boys, earrings or ear/ chin/ nose/ lip/ eye brow studs, head bands and wrist bands are strictly prohibited.
  • Wearing caps and sun glasses inside the college premises is prohibited.
  • For BBA students, the college uniform is mandatory for daily class attendance except on Saturday.
  • On special occasions and on every Monday, all are expected to wear the college uniform. Access to such occasions is only for those who wear the college uniform.
NOTE: In case of failure to comply with these codes, appropriate actions will be initiated.

Use of cell phones :

  • Use of cell phones within the College premises(Class rooms, Libraries, Laboratory, Corridors ) during class hours is not allowed.
  • Within the college buildings cell phones must be kept in silent mode.
  • Using cell phones within the campus to record voices, lectures, conversations, photo of others etc. and to play loud music shall be considered serious abuses and shall invite disciplinary action.
  • Within the College Campus, cell phones shall be used only for brief, urgent conversations.

Hostel Rule :

  • All the hostellers are held responsible to the Principal for their conduct in Xavier Hostel and in public. The Hostel Director/Warden is the immediate hostel-in-charge. He/She is assisted by student councilors who are authorised to control the conduct of the hostellers both in and outside the hostel.
  • Students must bring their own bed linen, blankets and other personal belongings.
  • Generally, hostellers are expected to be regural and on time for classes. Hostellers, whose attendance is poor or who fail repeatedly in tests/internal assessments or who show persistent disinclination to study will be asked to withdraw from the hostel.
  • Serious misconduct or habitual violation of rules including being apprehended taking alcohols/drugs at multiple times will lead to initial warning and eventual expulsion from the hostel.
  • More rules will be given at the time of admission and orientation.

Payment of Fees :

All the fees are to be paid by DD or NEFT or cash payment through bank, except Bus and Hostel fees, all other fees of the college may be paid at the office counter by Credit/ Debit cards.







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