• Siliguri Campus

Sociology Department


Starting its academic journey in 2007,the Department of Sociology has produced nine university toppers with four gold medals and five silver medals. The department organises seminars and conferences on diverse topics, the latest being on “Contemporary Social Problems and Issues in India” (2019-2020). In 2019, the department also hosted a special lecture on “Cyber security”. Departmental projects like, 'Quotidian Locale' (2013-2014) or 'Folk-Fairs and Festivals of North Bengal' (2015-2017), are prepared by students based on visits to places of interest. The departmental magazine, 'Sociotheque', is published annually. Every year the department also takes the third-year students for a seven-day field trip. Departmental wall magazines, which started from 2013, are prepared by the students in quarterly basis to offer 'Glimpses of Society'. In 2020-21, the department organized a webinar titled, “Urban Sociology and Rethinking Development”.