• Siliguri Campus

Message from Principal

Greeting to all,

A hearty welcome to all of you as we resume our physical classes from 16 November 2021 after going through online lectures for twenty long months!

I am certain that the entire student body will be thrilled to see the light of day when eventually physical classes and interaction with classmates and peers is becoming a reality again. For the 3rd year students it is piecing together the missing threads after they were deprived of physical classes after merely 9 odd months- so they would like to make most of the opportunities that remains. For 2nd years, it is a wonderful moment after a kind of floating through the first year and reaching second year without having smelt the college air for once – so it will be a period to enjoy college life.

First years will definitely feel more fortunate as the pandemic was less cruel to them as others insofar as living their college life is concerned and hence they would like to live it to the full. Indeed, this is like a new beginning for all of us as we try to leave behind some horrifying moments and unpleasant memories and look ahead with optimism. As I had mentioned in one previous message, that one day we shall find light at the end of the tunnel and so, I wish and pray that life will be brighter in future and the world will be a better place to live in.

Hereafter, we all look forward to not just academic life but also participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Now that we have received this God-given golden opportunity to breathe a fresh air, let’s wholeheartedly give our minds and hearts to receiving what we have missed during online learning.

Of course, we all are expected to observe Covid-protocol, thereby prevent ourselves while preventing others as well from spreading this dreaded disease.

May God bless you all as you embark on the new educational journey at North Bengal St Xavier's College (Rajganj and Siliguri Campus)!

Fr. (Dr.) Lalit P. Tirkey, SJ