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Students Council

NBSXC not only emphasizes the all-round development of each and every student during its yearly academic calendar by organizing co-curricular activities, games, and sports at different times of the year but facilitates students' representation, participation, and engagement in various administrative, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities as well. Students are encouraged and given an opportunity to participate and engage in various bodies through the students' council and other representations.


• Students Council is the biggest platform for students of the college where students of different departments and classes can send their representatives.
• Through a formal election process, using a secret ballot system, each class elects 2-4 (depending on the class-size) Class Representatives (CRs) to represent the class and departments in the Students' Council.
• To keep gender parity, the election process ensures there is an equal male and female representation who can also take the issue of their class as well as gender
• All the CRs, then come together, once again through a secret ballot, to elect the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and some core member teams who constitute the Office Bearers of the Student Council.
• The major events organized by the Students' Council are the 2nd Day of X-travaganza, Fresher's Welcome, and final year's Farewell besides departmental welcome/farewell and Teachers' Day celebration.

Cultural Committee

• Normally, 3-4 Class Representatives (CRs) or representatives of the Students' Council are part of the core Cultural Committee headed by a senior teacher.
• From each department and class either the class representative or someone good in cultural activities becomes representative of this committee.
• More representatives under the Office Bearers of Students' Council form their own committee to organize 2nd Day of the College Cultural Fest called X-travaganza/p>

Role: i) The students' class representatives communicate the details of cultural committee meetings to the class.
ii) They also enthuse and encourage more participation from classmates in cultural events.
iii) They also coordinate department and class-level cultural activities.

Sports Committee

• 4-6 Class Representatives (CRs) or Students' Council nominees become part of the core Sports Committee headed by a Sport Coordinator or Sports Teacher.
• From each department and class and sometimes from Boys Hostel one or two form additional committee for organizing sports events.
• Hostel representatives are responsible for coordinating with respective hostels and also helping the sports instructor/teacher in organizing the events on the main sports day.


Role: i) To assist the Sports Teacher/coordinator in organizing the games or sports.
ii) coordinating and getting support from students from different departments and classes.
iii) Ensuring sports equipment for the main event day.

Cells, Clubs & Committees

The different cells, clubs, and committes preceding in the institute are  NSS, Social Service Cell, Women's Cell, Nature Club; In all the cells, clubs, and committees, although the coordinators happen to be one of the senior teachers, it is the student's representatives who form the main structure - as presidents, vice presidents, secretary, etc and galvanize the student body to come forward to perform.